Functional Medicine

If you’re suffering from pain or symptoms that just won’t go away, Dr. Michael Catalanello at Comprehensive Health & Chiropractic in Millersville, PA offers functional medicine that can provide relief.

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is an effective process that looks beyond the symptoms and surface-level treatment. It’s about treating the cause of your pain or illness – not just masking the symptoms.

It’s a science-based practice that treats the person – and in doing so, treats the cause and the symptoms. This is accomplished by factoring in various details about you, including genetics, lifestyle, habits, work, sleep habits, diet, current and past illnesses, toxin exposure, and more.

How Does Functional Medicine Really Work?

Imagine that you are dealing with chronic fatigue. Maybe, in the beginning, you assume you’ve just been working too many hours and need some time to rest.

Eventually, though, you realize that no matter how long you seem to sleep, you can’t shake the fatigue. This could occur for several reasons, including:

  • You’re not getting restful sleep due to pain, stress, your sleep environment, and more.
  • You could be suffering from a condition that keeps the immune system activated, draining you of your energy.
  • You might be living with undiagnosed anxiety or depression.
  • Soft tissues might be inflamed or nerves might be compressed, causing pain or other undesirable reactions in the body – some that you might not even notice.
  • Your organs might be depleted of nutrients and/or fighting off toxins.

When issues like these cause fatigue, no amount of rest will get you back on track. Instead, you’ll need to address what’s impacting your energy. This is where functional medicine comes in. It doesn’t just take your symptoms into account. Instead, it stops to ask – and answer – the question, “Why is this happening?” And when the answer is determined, a comprehensive treatment plan can be developed to address it.

What Does a Functional Medicine Treatment Plan Look Like?

There’s not one single treatment plan in functional medicine. Instead, your plan will be designed specifically for you and might include any or all of the following:

  • Changes to diet
  • Starting or adapting exercise
  • Adjustments and other chiropractic techniques
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Setting up a better sleep environment
  • Making changes to your work environment
  • Massage therapy

When you visit Dr. Catalanello at Comprehensive Health & Chiropractic in Millersville, PA, you’ll work together to find the best treatment plan for optimal health and healing.

If you’re ready to achieve lasting relief from your symptoms, schedule an appointment with Dr. Catalanello, your functional medicine provider in Millersville, PA. You can reach Comprehensive Health & Chiropractic by calling (717) 872-4636.

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