Back Pain

Practically everyone will have to deal with back pain at some point. If you’re feeling sore after a long hike or working in the yard, perhaps your back will heal on its own. However, especially with back problems, and if a problem has lingered for a while, your body can often use a helping hand. If you’re suffering from back pain and live in Millersville or nearby, schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Catalanello at Comprehensive Health and Chiropractic.

The Many Causes of Back Pain

There are so many potential causes of back pain that it would probably be impossible to list them all. That said, some issues are more common than others, and understanding the biggest pitfalls could help you avoid back pain in the future.

First, back pain is often caused by overexertion. If you’re moving heavy boxes around in the garage, for example, but fail to use proper lifting techniques or simply end up handling too much weight, it could damage the muscles in your back and your shoulders, as well.

Back pain can also be the result of accidents. This could be due to misalignments in the skeletal system called subluxations or fraying of tissues connecting the back to the neck. Other accidents, like slip and falls or collisions while playing sports, can also result in damage to the spinal joints and discs.

Some people are also more prone to back issues owing to genetic or lifestyle factors. Bad posture, such as when seated at a desk or behind the wheel, is a major contributor to issues in the back. The good news is that for all of these causes, Dr. Catalanello at Comprehensive Health and Chiropractic in Millersville, PA, can help.

How Chiropractors Approach Back Pain

First, it’s crucial to understand some of the general concepts of chiropractic care. A chiropractor doesn’t want to merely cover up pain for a short time. Instead, the goal is to resolve underlying issues in the least invasive way possible. This way, you can improve your overall lifestyle and well-being.

Chiropractors can use many different methods to address pain in your back. Spinal manipulation can be used to ensure proper alignment, while soft tissue massages can reduce muscle tension. Therapeutic exercises taught by a chiropractor can enable you to build strength, making muscles less likely to be overburdened in the future. Electric muscle stimulation, shockwave therapy, mechanical traction, laser therapy, and various other techniques could help you not only relieve back pain but also speed the body’s natural course of healing.

If you want to enjoy lasting neck and back pain relief, get in touch with Dr. Catalanello at Comprehensive Health and Chiropractic. The right hands-on treatments in Millersville, PA, could relieve back pain and greatly improve your quality of life. Call (717) 872 4636.

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